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Midwifery care at Born Midwifery

Most people in the community first came to know me as a birth worker. I began working as a labor & delivery nurse right out of nursing school in 1997, and at Wesley BirthCare Center in 2013. This is where I found real connection with the birth workers of Wichita, including nurses, OB  doctors, doulas, and home birth midwives. Birth work was my first passion. I believe in supporting parents through the most transitional event in their lives. Watching non-birthing partners look with awe on their loved one, seeing their strength and power….seeing birthing people reach deep inside themselves and discover the depths of their own power and strength….seeing dad cry with joy and relief when they first lay eyes on their baby….there is no other place to witness outward expressions of the depth of human love. Being allowed in the spaces where this happens is my greatest honor. ~ Stacey Eason CNM 

Our Services

Midwifery services are provided by Meridian Faul CPM, Sam Goodell CNM, and Stacey Eason CNM.

We are a cash-based practice and appreciate the use of cash or check. Card payment available.


Prenatal & Birth Care

The midwives at Born offer full prenatal care based on national recommendations and guidelines. This includes regular visits, lab tests, ultrasounds, and teaching. In addition, you receive extensive one on one care with all of the midwives so you have time to get to know us and have all your questions answered. We can attend your birth in the birth center or at home and offer water birth and nitrous oxide for laboring coping. 

Postpartum Care

After your baby is born, we will continue to care for you and your baby through the postpartum time. We provide a home visit the next day (for local clients), and are available to see you both over the next several weeks while you adjust and get to know each other. We can help you connect with a pediatrician you trust when it’s time.

GYN Care

GYN care does not have to be scary or anxiety inducing. Sam and Stacey can help you with all your gyn needs, in a safe and trauma-informed space. This can include annual exams, heavy or painful periods, contraception, or any other GYN problem that arrises. In addition, Sam is trained to provide hormone replacement pellets to exactly match your specific needs. She sees all genders for this care.

“In all cultures, the midwife’s place is on the threshold of  life, where intense human emotions – fear, hope, longing, triumph – and incredible physical power, enable a new human being to emerge. Her vocation is unique.”

Sheila Kitzinger

Equity ~ Empowerment ~ Autonomy

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